Why Us

Balaji Fertility and IVF Centre has a state of art IVF lab with a dedicated team doing successfully blastocyst culture which is the hallmark of a top class IVF lab.Whole lab complex as well as the adjoining space is equiped with air purification system with posive pressure inside the embryology lab. Lab monitoring system is equiped with hygrometer, PH meter, CO2 and O2 gas analyzer, digital calibrated thermometer, VOC and particle sensor. 

We asre mostly doing day 3 embryo trasfer and in some selective cases doing day 5 blastocyst transfer.

Freezing of embroyos are done at day 3 as well as on day 5.

Couples are shown the digital photograph of the embryos before transfer and copy of the photograph is provided to them.

In case of history of failed implantation, we are using granulocyte colony stimulating factor as well as intra uterine infusion of recombinant HCG and in some cases doing endometrial scratching to get a better result.