In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves putting the eggs and sperms together. By natural selection, the egg will usually allow only one sperm to enter and this usually leads to the fertilization process in the laboratory. After fertilization, the embryos are allowed to grow for a short period of time before being placed into the uterus. A successful pregnancy can be confirmed about 2 weeks later.


IVF is the only fertility treatment for women with irreparably damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. IVF is also offered when infertile women cannot conceive with simpler methods of treatment for conditions such as endometriosis, ovulatory dysfunction, unexplained infertility, sperm disorders and immunological problems.

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Success rates (BFC rates) Our overall clinical pregnancy rate is about 30-35% per cycle and the take-home-baby rate is about 25-27%. Additional embryos frozen further enhance the pregnancy chances in many of our patients.

Generally, patients who are below 36 years old have a better pregnancy chance. However, your chances of success will depend very much on your own individual circumstances.


1. Cancellation of the treatment cycle may occur due to various reasons, including poor response of the follicles to the medication. Our cancellation rate is approximately 10%.

2. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) happens when too many ovarian follicles have developed in response to the usual dosage of medication. Although uncommon, it warrants medical attention until its complications have been treated. The severe form of OHSS will affect less than 1% of our patients.

3. The miscarriage rate is about 20% while the ectopic pregnancy rate is about 5%.

4. When 3 embryos are replaced, there is a risk of 20% of twins and 3% of triplets.

5. The risks of oocyte collection (OPU) are very rare. As the procedure involves a needle entering the ovary, it may be complicated by bleeding from the ovaries, uterus or adjacent blood vessels and injury to the intestines. In such an instance, further treatment may be necessary.

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